Go Green!

“It is the need of the hour.”

“It’s not easy being green”

However, we do all we can!

We care—to a point

“What you take from the earth, you must give back.
That's nature's way.”

“It’s not easy being green”


It’s not easy being green with the pressure to provide the ultimate travel facilities and exceptional stay experiences to our guests.

At our hotels  we understand that going green for budget or 3 star hotels  becomes rather difficult. However, leading star projects have done an amazing job in distinguishing them selves in this field.

We seek out to be able to contribute not only in a way to provide the best hospitality experiences  but also a clean healthy and eco friendly environment.

“We care—to a point”


The hotel has adopted  certain operating standards to manage our wastes , water consumption, electricity consumption and the use of eco friendly chemicals :

·         CFL and LED lighting in most parts of the hotel.

·         Recycling of linen and towels to reduce water and detergents usage

·         Efficient waste Management - Recycle bins used across the hotel to segregate bio-degradable and non-recyclable waste

·         Window films in placed to reduce heating and cooling loads

·         Procurement of recycled goods / materials

·         Environment friendly cleaning agents, sanitizers, paints, pesticides, etc. are used in the hotels

·         Spreading awareness both to the staff as well as our guests

·         The maintenance of 3 beautiful gardens