Hotel Policies

Guest Arrival/Departure Policy

Check-in Time: 1400 Hours
Check-out Time: 1200 Noon
Late check-outs can be entertained on request and subject to availability only solely at the discretion of the hotel.
All guests are required to present an identity proof at the time of check in. Identify proof can be any government recognized document.
Extra bed will be charged extra based on the room type. Extra bed option is available in only selected category of rooms subject to a maximum of one extra bed per room.

Booking Guarantee Policy

All bookings must be guaranteed at the time or before check-in either by a credit card/cash payment or by a Travel Agency registered with the hotel. All major credit cards are accepted*.

Booking Cancellation Policy

Guests are required to cancel the reservations before 15 days to the planned date of arrival. If guest cancels reservation within 15 days to the date of arrival a one night charge will be deducted. No refunds will be done for reservations cancelled within 72 hours of the arrival date.


In case of a non- violation of the Cancellation Policy the guest will be refunded via cheque sent through courier services dispatched within 7 working days from the date of cancellation. Courier charges are to be borne by the guest.

Child Policy

Only two children are allowed to stay in the parent’s room without any additional charges provided both the children are under the age of 8 years. No Extra Bed is provided for any children.
Only one child of age between 8 and 12 years will be allowed to stay in the parent’s room without any additional charges. No Extra bed is provided for that child.

Please Note

The Government has introduced "No-Smoking" legislation for hotels, restaurants and all public places. As a consequence, smoking is prohibited in all parts of the hotel except in designated bedrooms where smoking is permitted.

The Hotel reserves the right of admission for local residents. Accommodation can denied to guests posing as a couple. Accommodation can also be denied to guests residing in the same city as the Hotel.

Banquet Policies

In order to assure a well planned and successful event; please review:

Deposit and Payments

In order to guarantee your date, a signed contract and a deposit of INR 15000/- would have to be made by the guest. This amount will be deducted in the final bill. We only accept cash for any events in Varuna Gardens.
The complete payment of Varuna Gardens (the property) must be made 3 days prior to the event.
The party must deposit a security fee of INR 5000/- which would be refunded after the event is over and the property is inspected for any damages. rooms subject to a maximum of one extra bed per room.

General Terms and Conditions:

Varuna Garden reserves the right to refuse a booking that is considered inappropriate or inconsistent with the reputation of the Banquets. Varuna Garden reserves the right to monitor all private functions to assure compliance with the Banquet policies and established laws.

All food and beverage of the event must be provided by the Banquet or any third party vendor or the guest vendor. The food and beverage must remain on the premises and should not be brought in the hotels public areas.

The banquet must be given the exact number on guests 1 week prior to the event this number may be changed 3 days prior to event.

In case there is an increase in the number of guests that turn up to the number of guest the banquet is booked for extra charge is applicable and the service will be at the discretion of the banquet as it is not responsible due to lack of information from guest party.

Liability: Varuna Garden will not be responsible for any missing or damaged material or merchandise, items or articles regardless of value, left on the banquet premises at any time. It is the guest responsibility to assume the liability for any such loss or damage.

Use of pins, nails, paint, screws and tapes are forbidden on the wall, floor, furniture or any part of the property. Varuna Gardens has the right to inspect all private functions the cost to repair any damage as a result of such action the responsible party will be charged.

Food & Beverage price increases: Prices are subject to market fluctuations and may change without any notice.

Rooms may be booked from Hotel Varuna which would be on the rack rate of the hotel any discounts applicable is at the sole discretion of the hotel. The Hotel and the banquet are separated entities.

The Hotel will only allow the guests for whom the rooms have been booked for. In case a third party guest vendor is appointed the vendor will have to meet with the property manger to discuss the working terms of the banquet. The vendor must abide by the house rules of the property.

The party must deposit the invitation card and the address proof of the guest party. The property will be rented for 24hrs 8 am to 8 am. No fireworks are allowed in the premises of the property. Loud Music should be reduced after 10pm. The car parking area will not be used for any purpose other than parking; no matting would be done in the area.

Website Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions apply basically for the viewing, use of this web site and its related websites.

This will include the use of the content and information and services offered by the website.

The use of this website mainly for reservations or as a payment gateway or for the purpose of a guide and the related links are strictly subject to the term and conditions laid by the Varuna Group of Hotels.

By visiting and using the website for reservation or any purpose you therefore agree to the terms and conditions laid down or in any case if you don’t agree with it, we strongly insist that you may discontinue the use of the website.

  1. The website provides information about the hotels operated by the group and its associated companies, constituted under the laws of Republic of India. The website also has a tie up with a third party to facilitate online transaction for the purpose of reservations.
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* Terms and Conditions Apply

Hotel Varuna House Rules

Dear Guests,
In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, please take into consideration the following information:

  • If there are any valuables, kindly carry the key to the room with you as the Hotel Varuna does not keep a spare key hence ensuring that your valuables are safely locked in the room.
  • The hotel accommodation can be used only by the person registered at the reception.
  • Room visits are not allowed. Please use our Lobby, Lounge and restaurant for social events and chatting with your guests.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring flammable or explosive materials and objects with unpleasant smell into any hotel area.
  • Washing, drying and ironing in the room is not allowed. Please use the hotel cleaning service for this.
  • Smoking is not allowed in all hotel public closed areas.
  • Bringing and consuming food and drinks or ordering from external catering services is not allowed in rooms or any other hotel areas for sanitary reasons.
  • Cooking or any other way of preparing food in the room is not allowed.
  • Please close the door when leaving the room. You do not need to return the room key when leaving the Hotel. However, please return the room card upon check-out.
  • In case of loss of key, please immediately inform the reception.
  • In case you wish to leave the Hotel later than planned, please inform the reception by 10.00. Check out time at the latest 12.00 and staying in the room after 12.00 will be extra charged.
  • Please do not create noise which could disturb other guests in the rooms, corridors and public areas, especially in the period from 10.00 PM to 8.00 AM.
  • Please immediately inform the reception of any defects or faults in the room or possible dissatisfaction with the service.
  • Please keep the equipment and furniture safe. We will be forced to charge you any intentional damage caused during your stay.
  • Prior to leaving the room, please check if you have closed the tap in the bathroom.
  • Please do not enter the hotel public areas dressed inappropriately, e.g. in your pyjamas, underwear, swimming suit, etc. Walking in any public area of the hotel without footwear is not allowed.
  • Please note that you should be dressed appropriately during your visits to our restaurants.
  • Pets are allowed in Hotel room with prior announcement in the reservation and additional supplement. It is forbidden to bring pets in restaurants. You should keep them under the supervision during your stay.
  • Room inventory (pillows, blankets, towels, etc.) are intended for your use during your stay at the hotel and you are kindly requested not to take them out.
  • Please sign the bills for all hotel services personally.
  • Any complaints of individual, agency or contractual guests shall be taken into account if they are submitted during the guest’s stay at the Hotel. Complaints sent or submitted later shall not be accepted.
  • The Hotel Provides air condition back up from 11 pm to 7 am.
  • The hotel is not responsible for any loss of the guest’s personal belongings.